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This section of my portfolio includes a variety of personal projects and exercises exploring the different aspects of game design, from UI to balancing and so on. Almost everything on display here is constantly being worked on and improved upon on a daily basis. I try to update this page as often as I possibly can!

You can also contact me through the form on my homepage in case you have any further questions.

I hope you'll find this as interesting as I do. Enjoy!

Wolfenstein Youngblood Tutorial Level Deconstruction

Level structure

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The level is intended to introduce the player with three main types of action and is divided accordingly. The player is in fact presented with a series of alternating situations involving basic actions, stealth actions and gunplay. I like this structure because it allows for flexibility on how and when the player gets familiar with certain dynamics while also making sure that the most important things are clear. For example a failed attempt at stealth quickly turns the room into a combat arena; likewise very hard combat encounter encourages a more careful and silent approach.

Since my Doom analysis also present in this portfolio, I think that my interest in Wolfenstein comes as no surprise. I was particularly interested in this entry of the series mainly because of the co-op aspect of its refreshed gameplay.

I deconstructed the introductory level into each one of its sections hoping to find an overarching structure holding everything together in a sensible way. Finally, in retrospective I was very pleased with my findings. 


In conclusion

Looking at the layout that I obtained I liked how the tutorial didn't feel at all like an explicitly isolated part of the experience. The use of interactive objects containing game information instead of the typical annoying pop-ups (which interrupt the flow of gameplay) helped to blend everything together so smoothly. For me, it unified fun and learning into gameplay without separating the excitement of starting a new game into rigid sections. 

I appreciated very much the design's intent to avoid explicit direction as much as possible. I think such an approach favors player choice of how to explore and discover.

A level like the one I deconstructed has been created very smartly since it adapts and reacts to the needs of the player avoiding frustration from both seasoned and new gamers.

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