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Team size: 8 people

Design team size: 2 people

Platform: Android mobile devices

Project length: ∼1 month

Engine & tools: Unity, Adobe Suite, Google Workspace Suite, Da Vinci

Personal responsibilities: Initial concept, pitch, crafting system, marketing strategy,

player experience, audio and music design, menu flow and UI features

DBGA x What Whapp

Evergreen has been my first experience as Project Lead on a game.

It's also been my first approach to design for mobile gaming.

Just like Shrouded, this project has been worked on alongside a partnering company, What Whapp, with years of experience

and specialized in mobile entertainment. 

What I did

Alongside my responsibilities and contribution, I also:

  • Defined the design and overall production goals across all development departments

  • Defined the two main gameplay loops commissioned by the client

  • Collaborated on design and creative vision

  • Pitched the idea to the client

  • Planned the approach to marketing and developed the majority of required assets

  • Actively participated in game design brainstorms

  • Have been closely involved in the design and development of the player progression system

  • Worked closely on sound and music assets

  • Created game assets, particularly vfx tied to the in-game background art

  • Helped ship a high quality finished product

  • Produced highly detailed and curated design documentation

What I learned

Evergreen challenged me in multiple ways since never before I had the opportunity to work on a mobile title aimed towards casual audiences.


For the first time I had to deal with (and successfully solved) usability and design issues for the specific type of input and technology we were developing for.

I successfully defined, managed and achieved the project scheduled goals, delivering What Whapp a final product that was met with great satisfaction and praise.

In the final stages of production, being responsible for the background effects and animation for the core gameplay loop made me less dependant on the art team who already was having a busy time with asset creation and polish.

Overall, working on Evergreen has been an enriching learning experience.

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