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Team size: 14 people

Design team size: 4 people

Platform: Windows PC

Project length: ∼5 months

Engine & tools: Unity, Adobe Suite, Fmod, Google Workspace Suite

Personal responsibilities: Initial concept, crafting system, player experience, audio and music design, writing and narrative.

Download and play Shrouded here!

From a design standpoint, it was important for me and my team to understand that every feature we implemented had to support the survival experience of the game without giving players the ability to dominate the game world.

During the creation of this title, as a designer I contributed especially to the sound design, writing and initial conception of the project.

DBGA x Lunar Great Wall Studios

As our graduation project, me and my team built Shrouded partnering with Lunar Great Wall Studios, from which we got precious feedback on the work we were producing, becoming

a great learning experience.

What I did

Alongside my responsibilities and contribution, I also:

  • Collaborated on design and creative vision

  • Helped drive the world building

  • Actively participated in game design brainstorms

  • Have been closely involved in the design and development of the player progression system

  • Worked closely on sound and music assets

  • Wrote all the quests, action prompts and outcomes of the adventure system present within the game

  • Did the in-engine formatting for how texts showed up in-game

  • Helped ship a high quality vertical slice

  • Produced detailed and curated design documentation

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