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Team size: 8 people

Design team size: 3 people

Platform: Windows PC

Project length: ∼1 month

Engine & tools: Unity, Adobe Suite, Google Workspace Suite

Personal responsibilities: Initial concept and pitch, general design, level design, player experience, audio design, marketing material

Digital Bros. Game Academy

Gamequeue is a 'simulator' game with a twist: it isn't actually simulative. Players reprise the role of a game dev working inside a video game factory instead of a studio. Unfortunately for them, the job doesn't get any easier. The goal is to assemble games with the right individual items just as if they were industrial physical products.

What I did

Alongside my responsibilities and contribution, I also:

  • Helped with the pitch creation

  • Collaborated and helped define the gameplay core mechanic

  • Collaborated on design and creative vision

  • Produced the marketing assets

  • Contributed in defining the game's art direction

  • Actively participated in game design brainstorms

  • Worked on sound assets

  • Helped with the level decoration

  • Helped successfully ship the finished product

  • Helped produce highly detailed and curated design documentation

What I learned

First and foremost Gamequeue allowed me to explore new design ideas. Although I didn't lead the design team, I contributed with my own design suggestions. What I liked most about working on this project was the ability to collaborate on a three person team to explore a new design space and make something unique for that time. This experience also allowed me work on and improve both my hard and soft skills.

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