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Shrouded sees two players embarking on a dangerous voyage across a procedurally generated desert. Their journey is a relentless escape from a perpetual sandstorm that deteriorates everything it touches including the land the protagonists inhabit.


To be successful, players must constantly be on the lookout for a series of much needed resources.

The characters visit many varied evocative locations, aiming to collect the necessary items in order to survive.


Evergreen is a F2P mobile game for the casual audiences. Working as Project Lead on this title allowed me to organize and monitor the activities of all the other departments beyond my area of design.

I helped the team maintain the original vision for this game throughout its production cycle while also writing most of its design documentation.


HUM[AI]NE is a narrative-driven puzzle game built upon the basic elements of the classic video game Pong. HUM[AI]NE lets the player explore the relationship between a man and an AI named A.G.I. (Artificial General Intelligence), where the ball is a symbol of the transmitted message that travels beyond the boundaries of what's human or strictly logical. The left and right paddles are a metaphor for the two characters, with the first one representing the nameless human and the latter A.G.I. itself.


The player controls both paddles and aims to have the ball travel from one side of the level to the other to then send it back again towards its starting point, traversing all the while complex puzzle layouts.

As one of the two designers that worked on this game, I've written and directed this project designing the majority of puzzles present within it.

Game Queue is first and foremost a management game, but also a wacky first person simulator.


Players are presented with the task of working inside a fictional video game factory and have the job of assembling a series of games for a random list of clients. Thus, players have to pick up (from the five conveyor belts at their disposal) the parts or elements needed for the video game they're trying to produce. 

Every incoming task can be seen and checked on their personal notepad, which also reveals the recipe that has to be followed. Tasks must be completed within a time limit, otherwise a time penalty incurs.

Whenever time runs out, the session ends.


The player can move freely around the room and can only interact with objects such as items, levers and machines, they can also grab and release any item at any given moment. Every item can be placed on the Game Assembly Machine conveyor belt in order to produce the desired game.​

Each completed task awards a time bonus.

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