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Team size: 4 people

Design team size: 2 people

Platform: Windows PC

Project length: ∼2 weeks

Engine & tools: Unity, Adobe Suite, Google Workspace Suite

Personal responsibilities: Initial concept, writing and direction, level/puzzle design, player experience, audio design, menu flow and UI features, marketing material

Digital Bros. Game Academy

Hum[ai]ne is an experimental single player narrative-driven puzzle game. It tells a story through metaphors that are reflected by the gameplay situations of each level. The experience it aims to convey is one of thought on topics such as the rapid evolution of technology and AI and how it might impact humanity in the long run.

What I did

Alongside my responsibilities and contribution, I also:

  • Defined the design and overall production goals across all development departments

  • Collaborated and ultimately defined the gameplay core mechanic

  • Collaborated on design and creative vision

  • Planned the approach to marketing and developed some of the required assets

  • Helped better define the game's art direction

  • Actively participated in game design brainstorms

  • Worked closely on sound assets

  • Helped successfully ship the finished product

  • Helped produce highly detailed and curated design documentation

What I learned

Hum[ai]ne is the first game I have ever worked on outside of the amateur field, both in terms of tools and approach to problem solving; but also in regards to the production pipeline, methods, and overall professional mindset


I love puzzle games and coming up with clever levels felt great and satisfying.

I designed the majority of puzzles and associated mechanics, but due to the tight deadline, I had to combine the limited amount of game mechanics at my disposal in a wide variety of ways.

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